Scanjour.Workflow4.ActivityLibrary.ServiceProcess Namespace

Scanjour Workflow4 Reference Manual

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Public classActivityTracingLogger
An implementation of the ISimpleLogger that uses the ActivityTracing to write log entries.
Public classCaseWatch
Monitor created cases
Public classCreateDocumentActivity
Create a document and store it on the case.
Public classEBoksMessageRetriever
An instance of this class is capable of reading messages from a receiver, to process them according to the SmartPost business logic and store the message information in a message storage (typically in WorkZone as records on a case file). The class determines the case file from the metadata content of the message or the default case no. Also, parties will be connected to the created message record according to the sender identifiers contained in the messages. The whole logic is invoked by the RetrieveMessages
Public classExchangeActivity
Exchange activity to connect to an Exchange Web Server.
Public classExchangeAttachmentExtensions
Contains extensions methods for extracting data from EWS Attachments.
Public classExchangeConnection
Exchange Web Service Connection parameters.
Public classF2CaseHandlerActivity
Handle an F2 mail.
Public classF2MailReceiversActivity
Returns the email of the receiver of an F2 recuisition result.
Public classF2MailValidatorActivity
Validate if a mail is an F2 mail.
Public classGetContactByNameCodes
Get Contacts by emails activity
Public classGetContactsByEmails
Get Contacts by emails activity
Public classMailValidatorActivity
Abstract class used to implement a mail validator.
Public classMailWatch
This activity monitors a mailbox and returns a list of ItemId of found mails.
Public classProcessWatch
Monitor workflow state and detects faulted workflows.
Public classRuleDefinition
Public classSaveMailActivity
filefilename Saves a mail identified by ItemId in WorkZone Content Server.
Public classSaveUnreadMail
Represents an activity used to save unread message retrieved from Digital Post in WorkZone/Captia.
Public classSendMailActivity
Send a mail via exchange to a receiver.
Public classServiceActivity
The ServiceActivity allows a service with a watcher and a handler to be constructed.
Public classServiceFunctions
Common functions for service process workflows and children of service process workflows.
Public classServiceProcessHelper
Static class to help service workflows
Public classUpdateFailedProcess
Update a failed process to indicate if the mail succeed or not
Public classUpdateMailActivity
Update mail to indicate it is handles with succes.
Public classWorkZoneMessageStorage
Implementation of a message storage, that uses WorkZone as the storage through OData.

Public structureRequisition
An F2 requisition

Public interfaceIMessageStorage
Defines the interface to a storage into which messages can be stored.