WorkflowData Class

Scanjour Workflow4 Reference Manual
Data from the workflow instance register.
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Namespace:  Scanjour.Workflow4.Base
Assembly:  Scanjour.Workflow4.Base (in Scanjour.Workflow4.Base.dll) Version: (

public class WorkflowData

The WorkflowData type exposes the following members.


Public methodWorkflowData
Initializes a new instance of the WorkflowData class

Public propertyAccess
The access restriction
Public propertyDescription
The workflow description
Public propertyDueDate
The workflow end date
Public propertyDurationUnit
The process duration unit
Public propertyFileClass
The file class.
Public propertyImportance
The importance of the workflow
Public propertyInstanceId
The instance id for the workflow.
Public propertyInstanceKey
The OData ID of the instance
Public propertyNearDuration
The process nearduration percentage.
Public propertyOwner
The workflow instance owner
Public propertyOwnerOu
The workflow instance owner department.
Public propertyPackageId
The package id for the workflow.
Public propertyPackageVersion
The package version.
Public propertyPhaseLabel
The workflow phase label.
Public propertyProcessId
The process id for the workflow.
Public propertyProcessName
The process name
Public propertyProcessType
The process type
Public propertyRegisterKey
The register key.
Public propertyRegisterName
The register name.
Public propertyRootId
The instance id for the root workflow.
Public propertyRootKey
The OData ID of the root instance
Public propertyServiceId
The Service id if the process is a service process.
Public propertyStartDate
The workflow start date
Public propertyTaskLabel
The workflow task action label.
Public propertyTitle
The workflow title
Public propertyWorkflowId
The instance id for the workflow.
Public propertyWorkflowStatus
The process instance status.

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