Scanjour.Workflow4.ActivityLibrary.Validation Namespace

Scanjour Workflow4 Reference Manual

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Public classAllowedNameTypesConfigParamValidator
A class that validates SmartPost AllowedNameTypes configuration parameter.
Public classBoolConfigParamValidator
A class that validates boolean configuration parameters.
Public classConfigParamValidator
A generic class for validating parameters with given validator set.
Public classDomainConfigParamValidator
A class responsible for validating domain type configuration parameter in context of a domain type.
Public classIntegerConfigParamValidator
A class responsible for integer typed parameters validation
Public classOdataRecordRepository
A class responsible for getting records from ODATA
Public classPositiveIntegerConfigParamValidator
A class reponsible for validating positive integer typed parameters.
Public classRecordConfigParamValidator
A class responsible for validating configuration parameters of Record type.
Public classReportConfigParamValidator
A class responsible for report typed field validation.
Public classStringConfigParamValidator
A class responsible for validating string configuration parameters.

Public interfaceIConfigParamValidator
An interface describing configuration parameter validator.
Public interfaceIRecordRepository
An interface describing a way for getting records.