Scanjour.Workflow4.Web.Services.Entities Namespace

Scanjour Workflow4 Reference Manual

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Public classCaseActivityDefinition
Definition of a Case Activity.
Public classCaseActivityInformation
Data contract for retrieving case activity information
Public classCopyProcessDefinition
Definition of a Case Activity.
Public classDispatcherType
Describes the main information of a dispatcher type. A dispatcher type is a dispatcher instance coded and provided by to WZP.
Public classDispatcherTypeParameter
The definition of a parameter for a dispatcher type.
Public classInstanceInformation
Data contract for retrieving workflow instance information
Public classProcessContext
Specification of the context where process will be executed.
Public classProcessDefinition
Process definition entity
Public classProcessForm
Process init form entity
Public classProcessStartupInfo
Process startup information.
Public classProperty
A property description.
Public classSmartTaskInformation
Data contract for retrieving smart task information

Public enumerationDispatcherTypeParameterOccurrenceOption
Whether the parameter is optional or required.