InstanceInformation Class

Scanjour Workflow4 Reference Manual
Informational data on a running workflow instance.
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Namespace:  Scanjour.Workflow4.Host
Assembly:  Scanjour.Workflow4.Host (in Scanjour.Workflow4.Host.dll) Version: (

public class InstanceInformation

The InstanceInformation type exposes the following members.


Public methodInstanceInformation(Guid, WorkflowDescriptor, String, String, Uri)
Instance information constructor.
Public methodInstanceInformation(Guid, WorkflowDescriptor, String, String, WorkflowStatus, DateTime, Uri)
Initializes a new instance of the InstanceInformation class

Public propertyCancellationToken
Gets the cancellation token to cancel a workflow instance timer.
Public propertyDescriptor
Gets the WorkflowDescriptor of the workflow instance.
Public propertyExceptionThrown
Gets the exception thrown by the workflow instance. If no exception has been thrown, the value is null.
Public propertyInstanceId
The workflow instance.
Public propertyIsCanceled
OBS -- only to be used for test. See note in WorkflowHost.cs
Public propertyODataUri
The OData Uri
Public propertyOutputs
Gets the output dictionary of the OutArguments of the workflow instance. If the workflow has not yet completed, the value is null. If the workflow was run to end by another WorkflowHost, the value is null.
Public propertyOwner
Gets the workflow instance owner name_code.
Public propertyPendingTimerExpiration
Gets the DateTime for next pending timeout.
Public propertyServerName
Gets the server name of the WorkflowHost currently resposible for holding a timer for a pending timeout.
Public propertyStatus
Gets the current WorkflowStatus.
Public propertyTimerRunning
Gets whether WorkflowHost has a timer running for a pending timeout of the workflow instance.

Public methodClearTimer
Cancel the instance timer.
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Public methodSetTimer
Setup a timer for the workflow instance.
Public methodToString
Returns a string that represents the current InstanceInformation.
(Overrides ObjectToString.)
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