CompleteExternalCommunication Properties

Scanjour Workflow4 Reference Manual

The CompleteExternalCommunication type exposes the following members.


Public propertyDeleteOriginal
Indicates we should delete original letter or not.
Public propertyDisplayName
Gets or sets an optional friendly name that is used for debugging, validation, exception handling, and tracking.
(Inherited from Activity.)
Public propertyFailedRecords
The shipmentinformation for the failed records.
Public propertyHandleManually
True if shipment is handled manually
Public propertyId
Gets an identifier that is unique in the scope of the workflow definition.
(Inherited from Activity.)
Public propertyIsCancelled
True if the instance is cancelled
Public propertyLetterRecordId
Record ID of original letter.
Public propertyResult (Inherited from ActivityBoolean.)
Public propertyResultType
When implemented in a derived class, gets the type of an activity OutArgument.
(Inherited from ActivityWithResult.)
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