Scanjour.Workflow4.Base Namespace

Scanjour Workflow4 Reference Manual
This namespace contains basic functionality used by several of the other namespaces.

Public classAssemblyUtilities
Utility class containing methods for investigating assemblies.
Public classCommonDatabaseFunctions
Common database functions.
Public classCommonFunctions
Basic functions for access to the Scanjour SOM database.
Public classCommonWorkflowFunctions
Common useful methods to use when working with workflows.
Public classContactData
Contact information.
Public classEnumConverter
Conversion functions for enumeration type conversions.
Public classExtensionMethods
Extension methods for enumeration value conversion.
Public classImpersonation
Class allowing impersonation to another user.
Public classImpersonationSafeTokenHandle
Token handle used by LogonUser
Public classInvalidArgumentException
Invalid activity argument
Public classJsonUtility
Utility for JSON serialization
Public classODataServiceProvider
Provides access to an OData service.
Public classParallelUserTaskResponse
Parallel user task response data contract
Public classProcessLabels
Retrieve process labels
Public classRecordStates
Valid record states
Public classRegisterData
Data from register the workflow instance is running under.
Public classResponse
Response data contract
Public classSequentialUserTaskResponse
Sequential user task response data contract
Public classServiceProxyTChannel
A proxy used for communication through a channel as a certain user
Public classServiceProxyFactory
Factory class that creates service proxies
Public classTracing
Methods for tracing to sjdebug.
Public classUserTaskProperties
Serializable dictionary of user task properties
Public classUserTaskProperty
Serializable property of the user task
Public classUserTaskRedirectResponse
User task redirect response data contract
Public classUserTaskResponse
User task response data contract
Public classUserTaskUpdateResponse
User task update response data contract
Public classWindowsImpersonationContextHelper
Represents the security context of a remote party.
Public classWorkflowBlob
Stream data and information to be used in workflow activities for interchange
Public classWorkflowBlobService
Service for managing data streams passed between activities
Public classWorkflowCreationData
Data needed for creation of a workflow. A workflow of the specified workflowType will be created.
Public classWorkflowData
Data from the workflow instance register.
Public classWorkflowHostExtension
Holds information that the WorkflowHost makes available to the workflow instances by use of the workflow extension mechanism (see WorkflowInstanceExtensionManager in the MSDN documentation.
Public classWorkflowType
A WorkflowType consists of a name and a version. The version can be null in which case is meant the newest available version with the given name.

Public structureLocalizableString
Localizable string

Public interfaceIServiceProxyTChannel
Interface for proxy class used for communication through a channel as a certain user
Public interfaceIServiceProxyFactory
Interface for the factory class that creates service proxies
Public interfaceISimpleLogger
Simple logger interface, which should be use widespread in the application. By utilizing this interface, it will be possible to implements various types of specific loggers.

Public enumerationActivityState
Public enumerationDurationUnit
Duration unit
Public enumerationImportance
Process/task importance
Public enumerationInfoEnum
Defines an enumeration whose members represent the kind of ActivityException thrown.
Public enumerationLogon32Type
Enum representing the LOGON32 types used by windows
Public enumerationRegisterUpdateType
Security level of user task actions
Public enumerationSecurityContext
Security level of user task actions
Public enumerationTaskError
Task Type
Public enumerationTaskSchedule
Task Schedule
Public enumerationTaskState
Task State
Public enumerationUserTaskActionSecurity
Security level of user task actions
Public enumerationUserTaskActorType
Security level of user task actions