Scanjour.Workflow4.ActivityLibrary.Phases Namespace

Scanjour Workflow4 Reference Manual

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Public classIsStringNullOrWhiteSpace
Monitor an argument for precense.
Public classPhase
The Phase Activity
Public classPhaseContainerActivity
Activity to manage phase activities in the phase workflow.
Public classPhaseFunctions
Support functions for Phase activities.
Public classPhaseProcess
Main template activity for a phase workflow
Public classScheduleActivity
Activity to schedule an activity.
Public classSimplePhase
Simple Phase activity.
Public classUpdatePhaseAction
Update a phase action. The following actions are valid. NEARDUE - The NearDueDate has been reaced OVERDUE - The DueDate has been reached
Public classUpdatePhaseState
Update a phase state. This activity maintains the phase state and phase action of the phase. The following states are valid: OPEN - The phase_opened field is stamped with the current DateTime. If no DueDate is present and a duration is, a DueDate is calculated based on the duration. CLOSED - The phase_closed filed is stamped with the current DateTime. PENDING - The phase_opened, phase_closed are cleared. If the DueDate is calculated the DueDate and NearDueDate fields are cleared.