Scanjour.Workflow4.ActivityLibrary Namespace

Scanjour Workflow4 Reference Manual
This namespace provides basic workflow activities and utility functions that can be used from workflow activities built to supplement the ones here.

Public classAbstractErrorManagedActivity
Provides a base for error handled activities.
Public classActionListener
Creates bookmarks and a timer and listen for a bookmark to be raised or duration to pass.
Public classActivityException
Represents errors that occur within activities of Scanjour.Workflow4.ActivityLibrary.
Public classActivityFunctions
Functions used in activities.
Public classActivityTracing
OBS -- only to be used for test. See note in WorkflowHost.cs
Public classChangeCase
Move the process to a new case.
Public classCheckResultAndAttempts
Verify conditions to make another retry based on l and .
Public classCloseCase
Represents an activity used to close case in case of successful shipment.
Public classCompleteExternalCommunication
Create Process History Document
Public classCreateBookmarkActivityT
Creates a bookmark expecting a value of the specified generic formal type. When the bookmark is resumed, the actual value specified by the resumer will be put into the ActualValue OutArgument. The activity will fail if the actual value cannot be converted to the specified generic formal type.
Public classCreateBookmarkWithCallbackActivity
Creates a bookmark and sets up a callback that will be invoked when the bookmark is resumed by some external source.
Public classCreateHistoryActivity
This activity creates an entry in the wzp_history register reporting an incudent in the workflow.
Public classCreateProcess
Create a process
Public classDispatcherActivity
Dispatch a document to a dispatcher based on a dispatcher id.
Public classDispatcherFunctions
Methods to get data relevant for dispatchers
Public classDispatcherValidator
Represents an activity used to validate workflow arguments.
Public classDocumentInformation
Information about a document
Public classGetContactByNameCodes
Get Contacts by emails activity
Public classGetContactsByEmails
Get Contacts by emails activity
Public classGetDispatcherSequenceIds
Retrives a sequence of dispatcher identifiers from a specific dispather sequence identifier.
Public classGetprocessParameter
Assign an input value of type bool to the result.
Public classGetWorkflowInstanceIdActivity
Get the instance id Guid as Result.
Public classHistoryActivityFunctions
Functions used in activities.
Public classIsProcessRunning
Check if process is running.
Public classMailboxMonitorCaseHandlerActivity
ServiceDemo Case Handler
Public classMailboxMonitorMailValidatorActivity
Validate if a mail is an F2 mail.
Public classMergeDocumentsToPdf
Merge documents using Pdf Service.
Public classMessageExceptionCollector
Collects exception, which are registered along with the handle of the message being processed. When all message handles have been processed and the exceptions has been handled, then the class can produce one exception containing all the collected exception grouped by their message handle.
Public classMonitorParallel
Monitor ParallelSequenceDispatchActivity
Public classParallelSequenceDispatcherActivity
Dispatch a document to a dispatcher based on a dispatcher id.
Public classPrepareExternalCommunication
Create Process History Document
Public classProcessInfo
Retrieve information from a completed process.
Public classReportPropertyValueActivityT
Calls the specified callback with the current value of the specified property.
Public classRequestPdfReport
Generate Pdf report compensation activity wrapper.
Public classResponse
Response data contract
Public classResumeBookmarkActivity
Resume a bookmark in another workflow.
Public classRetryActivity
The RetryActivity allows to retry activity with a condition activity and an executed activity to be constructed.
Public classScheduleActivity
Activity to schedule an activity.
Public classSequenceDispatcherActivity
Activity to dispatch message based on a sequence of dispatchers
Public classShipmentInformation
Object describing a shipment
Public classShouldRetry
Compares to int, to determine if max retry count has been reached
Public classSimpleActionListener
Creates bookmarks and listen for a bookmark to be raised.
Public classSimpleAssignT
Assign an input value of type T to the result.
Public classSimpleCompare
Compares an input argument against a value for equality/inequality
Public classSimpleDispatcherActivity
Dispatch a document to a dispatcher based on a dispatcher id.
Public classSimpleDispatcherActivityShipmentStateException
This exception is used internally by this activity only. The exception is used to indicate that the message state is incomplete. It is up to the Error Manager to decide what to do in situations like this.
Public classSimpleMergeDocumentsToPdf
Create Process History Document
Public classSimpleRequestPdfReport
Create Process History Document
Public classSimpleScheduleActivity
Activity to schedule an activity.
Public classSmartpostParameterKeys
Smartpost settings.
Public classSmartPostValidator
SmartPost specific validation
Public classUndoExternalCommunication
Create Process History Document
Public classUpdateHistoryActivity
Update localized comment in in a history entry.
Public classUpdateRecipientLog
Public classValidationHelper
Provides validation
Public classWriteToSystemLog
Activity that logs an error to Windows Application Log.

Public enumerationActivityErrorCode
Defines an enumeration whose members represent the kind of ActivityException thrown.
Public enumerationDocumentType
Specifies the document type in the document information
Public enumerationResponseType
Response Type
Public enumerationSimpleDispatcherActivitySenderBehaviour
Used for controlling the behavior of this activity.
Public enumerationSimpleRequestPdfReportProtection