ServiceFunctions Class

Scanjour Workflow4 Reference Manual
Common functions for service process workflows and children of service process workflows.
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Namespace:  Scanjour.Workflow4.ActivityLibrary.ServiceProcess
Assembly:  Scanjour.Workflow4.ActivityLibrary_19.0.1.0 (in Scanjour.Workflow4.ActivityLibrary_19.0.1.0.dll) Version: (

public static class ServiceFunctions

The ServiceFunctions type exposes the following members.


Public methodStatic memberAddcontacts
Add a contact to a contact array
Public methodStatic memberAddDocuments
Add a document to a document array
Public methodStatic memberCalculateDeadline
Calculate a deadline based on the currect date, a due date and a time span as follows: Due date in past deadline: create date. Due date in greater than 72h from current date. timespan gt 0: current date + time span. timespan lt 0: due date + timespan. Due date is less than 72h from current date. timespan gt 0: current date + (due date - current date)/3. timespan lt 0: due date - (due date - current date)/3*2. Due date missing: timespan gt 0: current date + time span. timespan lt 0: no deadline.
Public methodStatic memberGetContact
Locate an employee or contact. If an email address is available this is used to find the contact. The username is located in the employee register, by summary and then by namecode. If not found the username is located in the contact register, by summary and then by namecode.
Public methodStatic memberGetContactByEmail
Gets contact from email
Public methodStatic memberGetContactByName
Gets contact from name or namecode
Public methodStatic memberGetContactByNameCodes
Get contacts from name types and namecodes.
Public methodStatic memberGetDistributionDeadline
Getting deadline for Distribution phase
Public methodStatic memberGetRequisitionContent
Extract information from the requisition
Public methodStatic memberGetServiceId
Retrieve the service id for a workflow instance.
Public methodStatic memberGetServiceName
Returns the service name.
Public methodStatic memberGetServiceParameters
Retrieve the service process parameters.
Public methodStatic memberGetValidDeadline
Returns provided deadline if in future, or DateTime.MinValue
Public methodStatic memberGetXmlDocument
Gets the Xml document from the xml record.
Public methodStatic memberLogException
Logs the exception to the event log. The activity context.The activity display name.The exception.
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