Scanjour.Workflow4.Host Namespace

Scanjour Workflow4 Reference Manual
The heart of the Scanjour.Workflow4 namespace. The most important type here is the WorkflowHost type.

Public classActivityArgumentData
Description of an activity argument.
Public classActivityArgumentsDataExtractor
Extract arguments from an activity
Public classDatabaseFunctions
Functions to access the database from the hosts.
Public classInstanceInformation
Informational data on a running workflow instance.
Public classInstanceInformationCache
Instance Information Cache
Public classPersistedWorkflowInformation
Information about a persisted workflow instance.
Public classWorkflowAssemblies
Summary description for AssemblyManager.
Public classWorkflowDefinition
The workflow definition data.
Public classWorkflowDescriptor
Represents a workflow (from which workflow instances can be created).
Public classWorkflowHost
Provides a host for any number of instances of workflows, typically represented by XAML stored in the SOM database.
Public classWorkflowHostException
Represents errors that occur within the methods of Scanjour.Workflow4.WorkflowHost.
Public classWorkFlowSetting
Workflow settings.

Public enumerationWorkflowHostErrorCode
Defines an enumeration whose members represent the kind of WorkflowHostException thrown.
Public enumerationWorkflowStatus
Specifies the status of a workflow instance.