WorkflowHostErrorCode Enumeration

Scanjour Workflow4 Reference Manual
Defines an enumeration whose members represent the kind of WorkflowHostException thrown.

Namespace:  Scanjour.Workflow4.Host
Assembly:  Scanjour.Workflow4.Host (in Scanjour.Workflow4.Host.dll) Version: (

public enum WorkflowHostErrorCode

  Member nameValueDescription
WorkflowDataNull0 The specified WorkflowCreationData is null.
WorkflowTypeMissing1 WorkflowType was not specified.
UnknownWorkflowType2 The specified WorkflowType is not known.
InvalidXml3 The specified XML was invalid.
WorkflowCreationFailed4 The workflow creation failed. See inner exception for details.
WorkflowResumptionFailed5 The workflow resumption failed. See inner exception for details.
UnknownWorkflowInstance6 The workflow instance specified is not known.
NoRegisterAccess7 No access to the specified register.
InternalError8 An internal error occurred.
WorkflowCompleted9 Workflow completed, terminated or faulted.
WorkflowBusy10 Workflow busy.
WorkflowBookmarkGone11 Bookmark is no longer available.
FailedToLoadWorkflow13 Failed to load workflow into workflow application.
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