ValidationHelper Methods

Scanjour Workflow4 Reference Manual

The ValidationHelper type exposes the following members.


Public methodStatic memberCanDispatcherSend
Gets the dispatcher specific validation result
Public methodStatic memberCanDispatcherSequenceSend
Validates if any dispatcher in a sequence can send a message
Public methodStatic memberCanOriginalRecordBeDeleted
Validates whether original record can be deleted, checks for valid record state, and that record is not an appendix, or referenced from other records
Public methodStatic memberGetProcessOwnerAddressKey
Gets the process owners addresskey
Public methodStatic memberGetProcessOwnerUsername
Gets the process owner username
Public methodStatic memberGetValidRecordOfficer
Validates whether the associated case handler of the letter (officer) has correct access to documents, and that he has valid employment
Public methodStatic memberGetValidResponsibleOu
Determines the valid ResponsibleOu (Organizational Unit) of the specified record.
Public methodStatic memberIsAddressValid
Validates whether the recipient adresskey and any copy recipient address keys are valid
Public methodStatic memberIsCombinedMessageLengthExceeded
Validates whether the total length of documents exceeds the limit
Public methodStatic memberIsRecordValid
Validates whether main record and attachment records are valid
Public methodStatic memberIsSubjectValid
Validates whether subject is valid
Public methodStatic memberIsValidSmartPostParameter
Check for valid process parameters.
Public methodStatic memberUserCanUpdateCase
Validates if user can update current case, the condition on the case being: * It exists * It is open * User has both read and write access to it.
Public methodStatic memberUserHasEmailAddress
Validates whether has an email address
Public methodStatic memberValidateRecordState
Validates record has valid state (for deletion)
Public methodStatic memberValidDispatcherConfiguration
Validates whether the dispatcher is able to send, based on its configuration
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