Fixed bugs in WorkZone Content Server 2019.2

Set close date on desktop cases when account is disabled

Bug number CS0605143
Description When a user account was disabled in the Microsoft Active Directory, the Desktop case for the user account was still left open, with the result that documents could still be attached to the Desktop case of the disabled user account. Now, when a user account is disabled in the Active Directory, the user’s Desktop case is automatically closed. The end-date field value of the Desktop case is updated with the date the user account was disabled in the Microsoft Active Directory. If the user account is re-enabled, the Desktop case will also be reopened. (the end_date field of the Desktop case is cleared.)
Correction Fixed

Configuration Manager is not signed correctly

Bug number CS0502629
Description The installation of a WorkZone Client configuration using the Internet Explorer browser was blocked due to a missing publisher signing of the installer. The publisher signing has been updated and reinstated so configurations can be installed.
Correction Fixed