Customer reported bugs that have been fixed in WorkZone Content Server 2016 R2.

Spelling error in warning

Bug number 9000063543
Description If you choose to move a document to a new case but you do not select a case to move it to, a warning displays. There is a spelling error in this warning message.
Correction Corrected.

Error in the 'my_table_rights' view

Bug number 9000060008
Description The registry setting of Keyvalue 'createdoc' is falsely set to 'N' even though the current user has 'I' (Insert) right on the RECORD register. This happens because the database look-up, which is used for selecting the Insert right on the RECORD register, does not specifically look for the current user's right.
Correction The database view for selecting the register rights on the RECORD register is changed so that it only selects the values of the current user.

sjRegAkt: Creating a new record fails if the case or the main document has an inactive ResponsibleOu or Officer

Bug number 9000059186
Description Creation of new documents may fail if the related case (or the main document) has an inactive officer or responsible unit and no other value is explicitly supplied in the Officer or Responsible Unit fields.
Correction In this case, the Officer or Responsible Unit fields are left blank.

Search on multiple keywords is not described in the Captia Web Client online Help

Bug number 9000056983
Description Information about search on multiple keywords is missing from the Captia Web Client online Help.
Correction The Search - Freetext topic in the Captia Web Client online Help has been updated with a section on how to use the free text search field to search on multiple keywords.

Remove the possibility to add an extern mail on subscriptions

Bug number 9000053574
Description On a subscription, there is a menu item under Functions > Show recipients that allows users to add an external email address as the recipient of the subscription mail. This functionality does not work.
Correction The possibility to add an external email address will not be implemented and therefore the menu item has been removed. The workaround is to add an employee as a recipient, and let this employee decide to forward the subscription mail to the external email address.