Fixed bugs in KMD WorkZone 2020.3

WorkZone Client: Party reference selector does not show "Type" in list

Bug number INC3060635
Description When searching for a case or document party in the Parties detail ribbon tab on a case detail page or a document page, even though the Type field was added as a column to the results list in the Add contact reference form, no contact types were displayed in the list and the column remained empty.
Correction Now, contact types are listed correctly in the results list in the Add contact reference form.

WorkZone Process: Database problems are not reported when setting the workflow_status

Bug number 185739
Description When a database issue prevents a process from changing statet, no error is reported.
Correction The database error is now shown in the the Event Log on the server.

WorkZone Process: Missing documentation on determination of bundled case when saving a SmartPost reply on a closed case

Bug number ALM 10
Description The user guide lacked documentation about how to identify an authority's bundled case when saving a SmartPost reply on a closed case when running WorkZone with corporate access codes.
Correction The "Receive messages from e-Boks" section in the Process User Guide has been updated.

Document cannot be rendered even though it should

Bug number Remedy 540460
Description After a user had corrected the issues with the documents in the REVIEW statuses, these documents were not converted to PDF automatically.
Correction After the documents have been reviewed, they are converted to PDF automatically.

Extended report to Excel fails - When more than 49 items in multiple entities (Parties)

Bug number ALM 442/Remedy 180095
Description The extended report to Excel failed if there were more than 49 items in multiple entities such as Parties.
Correction Any number of entities can be included to the extended report to Excel.

VSTO: Report email cannot be opened from WorkZone Client

Bug number INC2847123
Description When users send an email to the address that does not exist, they get a report email. The WorkZone for Office Outlook Add-in did not support saving such emails to the WorkZone. However, users could save the report emails to the local disk and then import them to WorkZone via the WorkZone Client. An error message was shown when users tried to open the report email using the WorkZone Client.
Correction The error message does not appear when users open the report email in WorkZone Client anymore. The report email opens, but it is still not supported by WorkZone for Office Outlook Add-in: there is no indication that the report email has been saved in WorkZone, and users cannot save it on another case.