Fixed bugs in WorkZone 2020.0

Content Server: CVR error when company name starts with double quote characters

Bug number 173596
Description The CVR driver would fail if the company name started with a double quotation mark - for example "My Own Company".
Correction The CVR driver now accepts double quotation marks as starting characters in company names.

Default document classification is not copied during case copying

Bug number 175339
Description When copying a case, the default document classification on the copied case was not copied to the new case.
Correction The default document classification on a case is copied to the new case when the case is copied.

Client: Save Note on case: Default document classification from case is not inherited

Bug number 174483
Description When creating a note on a case with a defined document classification, the note did not inherit the document classification from the case on which it was created.
Correction Notes created on cases with a defined document classification will inherit the document classification as the default classification.

Client: Changing the primary contact results in an incorrect contact

Bug number 174516
Description When a user selected another contact as the new primary party for a case, an incorrect contact was sometimes inserted as the new primary party. The error was caused by a mismatch between the contact names and contact addresses when locating and inserting contacts as primary parties on cases.
Correction The contact name/address mismatch has been corrected and the selected contact will now be inserted correctly.

Client: AND or OR toggle on search criteria is not respected when editing a saved search

Bug number 174303
Description When conducting a Case search and using multiple search criteria in the Information field, the OR search operator was not saved correctly. When the saved case search was loaded again, the AND search operator was displayed and used instead of the intended OR search operator.
Correction The OR search operator for case searches is now saved correctly.

Client: Default values from the Case group are not applied to the Assistant field

Bug number 172911
Description When utilizing a distributed configuration during the case creation process and selecting a Case group for the case, the Assistant field was not updated with the default value for the Assistant field specified in the classification scheme for the Case group. This was true even if the distributed configuration did not contain any values for the Assistant field.
Correction The Assistant field is updated with the default value specified in the Classification scheme for the selected Case group, regardless of the value of the Assistant field in the distributed configuration..

Client: No error message when a user with insufficient rights updates the Read access field

Bug number 172919
Description An error message was not displayed when a user with Read access to a case attempted to edit values in the Read access field. Although the user was able to change the value and click Save, changes were not actually saved and no error messages were displayed to inform the user of insufficient rights to perform the action.
Correction An error message is now displayed when a user with insufficient rights attempts to edit fields on a case.

SmartPost: Document type and document group are inherited incorrectly from the letter document

Bug number CS0764681
Description The document type and document group were inherited incorrectly from the letter document.
Correction The PDF documents that are sent through SmartPost now inherit the document type and document group from the letter document.

SmartPost: Document origin was not added to PDF documents

Bug number 173169
Description The document origin as configured in WorkZone Configurator (SPDocumentSource parameter) was not added to generated PDF documents.
Correction The document origin is now added to the PDF documents.

Captia content controls are not merged

Bug number 173514
Description Captia content controls are not merged.
Correction Captia content controls are not supported. The WorkZone for Office User Guide provides instructions on how to replace Captia content controls with WorkZone content controls. See the "Replace Captia content controls" topic.

SmartPost: Not possible to send a document that is a copy of another document

Bug number 174366
Description You could not send a document that had been created as a copy of another document if you had selected the "Delete original letter after sending" check box in the Send SmartPost dialog box.
Correction Now you can send a document that has been created as a copy of another document when the "Delete original letter after sending" check box is selected.

SmartPost: Letter date should not be updated in attachments

Bug number CS0773547
Description When you sent a SmartPost message with attachments that were previously sent as PDF documents, the letter date was changed to today's date in the attachments. The letter date should only be updated in the letter document, not in the attachments. Attachments are static documents which should not be changed.
Correction The letter date is not changed in attachments.

SmartPost: Missing information in standard letters and cover pages in messages to copy recipients

Bug number CS0764515
Description Case information was missing in standard letters and cover pages in messages to copy recipients.
Correction You can now use case content controls in standard letters and cover letters. Standard letters and cover pages are saved on a template case but when the SmartPost message is generated, the content from the case you started the SmartPost process from is merged into the case controls.

SmartPost: Problems with date format

Bug number CS0764668
Description Problems with date formats
Correction The date format in letters now uses the date format defined in the Date content control. You may experience that changes to date formats of the letter date content control in original letter documents are not saved, and the default date format is used in the generated PDF documents. The workaround is to save the letter document on your local disk, change the date format of the letter date content control as desired, and then save the document back in to WorkZone.

SmartPost: Empty lines in the merged letter

Bug number 174445
Description When merging address fields using content controls, empty addresses caused empty lines in the merged letter.
Correction Empty lines have been removed from the merged letter.

Mailbox Monitor crashes when using too many service workflow monitoring mailboxes

Bug number SRITM0348024
Description Mailbox Monitor crashes when using too many service workflow monitoring mailboxes
Correction The service workflow has been improved to optimize monitoring of multiple mailboxes in one service workflow. The ExchangeMailBox parameter has been extended so that you can add several mailbox addresses separated by commas. Furthermore, a new RecipientAddressProperty parameter allows you to populate a custom field with the email address of the mailbox that the email was sent to on the document detail page. For more information, see Mailbox Monitor in the Workzone Process Administrator Guide.

WZPDF: Word field 'SaveDate' is not converted to PDF

Bug number KU
Description When you convert a Word document to PDF, the 'SaveDate' field is not populated with the relevant value.
Correction Fixed

WZPDF: Mail file is converted into several pages

Bug number CS0721939
Description While converting to PDF, images in the mail body (logos, icons, etc.) were treated as attachments. Therefore, each image was located on a separate page in the final PDF document.
Correction Fixed

WZfO: Saved document searches do not appear in Shared and My lists

Bug number CS0747284
Description Shared document search lists are not displayed in the Shared and My lists folders in Outlook.
Correction Fixed

WZfO: Columns of exported to excel data are not displayed correctly

Bug number CS0763155
Description If you export data to Excel and save the Excel document locally, column titles will not be displayed correctly next time you open the document.
Correction Fixed

WZfO: 'Select template' dialog box is not shown when working together with the SkabelonDesign add-in

Bug number Danish Defense
Description When you create a new Word document from a template, the 'Select template' dialog box is not shown. It happens when templates are designed by using the SkabelonDesign add-in.
Correction Fixed