Other Operations

These maintenance and analysis operations are usually performed less frequently, sometimes only once a year or when the need arises, depending on your organization.

Test and install updates and patches

Install all windows and Oracle updates on a test environment first and conduct thorough tests before updating the production environments.

Conduct Active Directory Replication

Replicate the contents of the Active Directory to WorkZone in order to keep the WorkZone user database updated with user, organizational and policy changes.

Check the free text indexes for validity

Free text indexes need to be rebuilt in order to improve performance and can be rebuilt as the need arises.

Rebuilding an index can be time and resource consuming and should be scheduled during long periods of inactivity (between Christmas and New Years or during Easter).

Check tablespaces

If the Oracle database runs out of tablespace storage, the database itself will stop running.

Check that the Storage Area Network (SAN) has enough room to expand. There must be enough threshold to enable the purchase of additional storage for the SAN.

Check backup procedures

Check that the backup procedures for all relevant databases and the Windows Server are running correctly.