DBA operations

Manage capacity

As part of regular DBA operations, tablespaces should always be monitored to ensure that they are not running full.

The WorkZone tablespaces that grow the most are:

  • SJ_LOG

If you know that on a given date, additional data are to be loaded in to the database, for example, a large number of documents that will be added through an integration, the database administrator should be informed. The amount of data may increase with up to 30% because PDF versions of all documents are created by default.

An upgrade of WorkZone may also cause a large number of transactions that will result in the tablespaces growing.

It is important to have a buffer as WorkZone stops working if the there is not sufficient space. Users will get an error message, which informs the user that Oraclecannot save a document due to lack of tablespace.

It is also recommended to monitor the SERVICE_QUEUE table that contains all the jobs that the WorkZone agents handle. SUB, OCR and FIX. Some jobs will fail with status 2. If a large number of jobs fail, something is wrong and you need to investigate what's wrong. You can often see what is wrong from the Status_txt.

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